Have BOT will travel!

Slip and fall prevention     

Are your floors or walkway surfaces slippery when wet?      

We can test for Coefficient of Friction, (COF) with a BOT 3000E, automated drag sled tribometer, (trib-o-meter), to determine potential slip and fall risk for your non carpeted walkways.

Bathroom floors are an especially important item when you are thinking about safety and the elderly or very young.  Any type of altered walking pattern, (gait), can result in a slip and fall accident if the flooring is really dirty and gets wet.  Intervening to prevent slip and fall accidents is very important in any situation.  

Professional Consultant, Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention.

ADA Grab Bars

Having a walkway audit performed at your facility will help you to determine areas where safety could be at risk.  Walkway audit's include and are not limited to, visual walk through, floor coefficient of friction testing, meeting with staff to discuss floor types, cleaning, housekeeping issues, fall risks, grab bar supports, poor weather concerns with flooring, interventions to increase safe floor conditions, and there is always the written report of findings with the option of those findings being presented at a meeting if desired.  

If you have smooth hard surface floors that get slippery when wet, you have a high slip and fall risk!  Those floors most likely have a traction issue.  More likely than not, the walkway has a low coefficient of friction and attention must be given to resolving the high risk to make it more acceptable.

There are industry standards which help to determine what are acceptable levels of traction on different types of flooring.  ANSI and ASTM both have published standards which can assist in determining what safe levels you should be looking for. 

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We work with ADA grab bar installation for assisting those with balance issues, slip and fall prevention, or to just have that extra grip handle available when you need it. Can also conduct walkway audit to assess for other dangers.