Safe Surface Technologies LLC

Driveway, patio area were slippery.  Water running over a falling apart retaining wall allowed driveway to collect water and sit.  Moisture, mold and residue was building up and sitting on the driveway and patio.  To decrease risk, the retaining wall needed to be replaced.

Failing wall removed

Finnished Wall

After, (picture taken before planting new grass)


Deck cleaning and resurfacing

Begun in March of 2015 as a direct support of preventing slip and fall injuries, it was identified that in decreasing risk, may mean rebuilding, repairing and possibly designing and building brand new.  Every 8 Seconds there is another slip and fall injury!   Thus to decrease this risk, lets identify the causes and get to work.

About Safe Surface Technologies LLC 



Building Wall

Customer's yard had failing cinder block wall with a sharp slope down onto side of his yard and concrete walk.  Designed and built retaining wall with drainage pipes to decrease water buildup.